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    Middle school youth activities

    Base Camp

    Base Camp is a service and dinner opportunity for our middle school students - events are scheduled periodically

    High school youth activities

    Events are scheduled periodically throughout the year

    Confirmation preparation for youth

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      All Saints Parish celebrates Quinceañeras as the welcome of a young lady into the adult life of the Church. This welcome includes responsibilities such as:

      Serving at Mass

      Participation in Parish youth activities

      Community service

      Inviting youth to our community of faith

      The Parish expects to know this individual over the years as a participant in Mass, youth Faith Formation activities and/or our Confirmation Prep program.

      The Quinceañera will be included within a regular Mass. All attendees should be acquainted with behaviors expected at Mass. Style of dress for both males and females will be modest and appropriate. (Party clothes should be saved for celebrating outside of Mass.)

      All Saints is overjoyed to share in this special moment with your family!

      For more information, please call our Parish Office: (253) 845-7521.