Young Adults Group

Being an adult doesn't have to be all about responsibility. Come join our young adults for entertaining events, prayer filled experiences, and fellowship. Below is a list of our upcoming activities - for young adults, planned by young adults! Be a part of choosing what other things we do. We can find the perfect mix of:

  • Spiritual (Prayer) - opportunities to come together in prayer and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • Knowledge of the Faith (Catechesis) - opportunities to explore areas of the faith, and the impact of our faith on daily life;
  • Service (Mission) - opportunities to come together to serve the needs of the community and share the love of Christ, with our neighbors in need;
  • and Social (Fellowship) - opportunities to come together with peers who share our faith and values.

Get in the loop by calling/texting Carmen Bryant at (253) 677-2049 or sending an email.